Moyola Park AFC held their Annual General Meeting at the Mill Meadow on Monday 15th May 2017. Chairperson Kyle Moore, thanked everyone for coming and a minutes silence was held at the commencement of the meeting to pay respects to the late Tommy Hueston and Rhonda McClelland who were past members of the club.

The first team were congratulated on their achievements for the season passed. It was a remarkable achievement to finish 4th in a very competitive league. Mervyn, Darren, Mark and Bob were all congratulated for their efforts and the roles they played within the first team.

A word of thanks was also giving to Leslie Bell and David Paul for their efforts with the reserve team and also former manager Robert Fullerton.

The youth team coaches were also thanked for their efforts and commitment throughout the year. Numbers have been swelling with young people coming to the club and this culminated in over 150 parents and children attending the recent awards presentation. David Speirs and his coaches were again thanked for their hard work and special congratulations went to the U15 team on their recent cup win over Maiden City Soccer Academy at Coleraine Showgrounds.

Kyle Moore also thanked the committee and volunteers for their hard work and efforts over the season and each and everyone have a special part to play in the success of the club.

A special thank you to the entire club sponsors whose support has been greatly appreciated. Big thank you to our main sponsors – HAJ, Racking and Shelving and Henry Bros (Youth) were also thanked for their financial support.

Treasurer Douglas Fullerton also gave a brief overview of the financial situation of the club and the plans for the foreseeable season.

Rev Colin Welsh was then asked to chair the nominations for the new season ahead and the following positions where filled as follows. President – Johnston Mawhinney.    Vice Presidents – Johnny Burns, Martin Collins, Raymond Collins, William Jordan, Raymond Loughrey. Chairman – Leslie Bell, Vice Chairperson – Andrea Moore, Secretary – Keith Quigley, Assistant Secretary – Robert Winton, Treasurer – Douglas Fullerton, Chaplain – Rev Colin Welsh, Safety Officer – Karl Nichol, Media Officer –  Keith Quigley, Head of Youth Development – David Speirs, Welfare Officer – Sonya Mallon, Club Photographer – Valerie Martin, Sub-Committee (financial) – Robin Martin, Mark Speers, Raymond Loughrey. Committee – Kyle Moore, David Evans, Steven Ewing, Lee Kenning, Roy Kenning, Paddy Mallon, Lorraine Steele, Andrew Dempsey.