QUB FC vs Moyola Park

March 24, 2018
Score: 4 - 0

Match Report

Moyola Park visited the Dub for a second versus third clash in the Bluefin Sport Premier Intermediate League. Moyola came into the match confident of a win that could move them into second place after their draw with first place Dundela in their previous match.

Moyola’s confidence was quickly dashed however as in just the 2nd minute a cross to Queen’s Ryan McCready was headed away to put them ahead. Queens had the better start looking much more energetic than a lethargic and sloppy Moyola. Moyola did manage to create a chance to equalise when Conor Taggart played in Stuart Forrest in the 4th minute however, Forrest was unable to get a good enough shot away with the Queens keeper making an easy save. Queens would continue to dominate the match with Farniok and Peter McClure both making a goal line clearance to keep the score at 1-0. This wouldn’t last long as in the 13th minute a one two on the edge of Moyola’s box saw a shot placed past Farniok by Ben Mulgrew to make it 2-0 to Queens.

Moyola would continue to fight for the rest of the first half, looking more energetic than the start. Their eagerness to score would hurt them however as Jack Graham received a yellow card in the 15th minute for a lunging tackle in the Queens box. It wasn’t until the 23rd minute when Moyola would get another chance, but Nicky Hudson’s half volley was hit well over the Queens goal and into the car park. Queens would continue to dominate and make their own chances, with Farniok being forced to pad away a driven shot. In the 25th minute Queens would seem to have already put the game to bed as McCready slotted away his second to make it 3-0 to Queens. In the 34th minute Nicky Hudson attempted to pull one back with a free kick which forced a very good save from the Queens keeper. A break in the 38th minute gave both teams a breather in the warm weather as Queens number three would be substituted due to injury. The first half would end soon after with Queens leading a deflated Moyola 3-0.

The second half began slowly until in the 53rd minute Craig McAllister found the ball at his feet at the back post. He was unable to make much of it however, as his attempted shot was deflected away for a corner. In the 60th minute Farniok found himself tested yet again, saving a shot from close range. Immediately after this Moyola fans were treated to a return from injury for top scorer Tiarnan Rafferty who would come on for Jason Paul. It wouldn’t take long for Rafferty to get his first chance as he hit a free kick just wide of the Queens goal. In the 68th minute Queens would kill any hope of a Moyola comeback when a turning half volley by Matt Hughes was hit into the top corner of Moyola’s goal making it 4-0 to queens. Despite Moyola looking more of a threat Queens would continually break, with McAllister receiving a yellow card in the 73rd minute when he broke up a counter attack with a foul. Jack Graham would then be substituted for Benji Agnew.

The rest of the match would be a much slower pace as the warm weather clearly exhausted both teams. Queens would continue to make small chances but were much more conservative knowing they had a solid lead. Both teams seemed very exhausted and with Queens leading by a large margin they both also seemed ready for the final whistle. After a couple of minutes of extra time they would get this as the match ended 4-0 to Queens, a humbling loss for Moyola.

Moyola Park: Farniok, McAllister, Harris (Agnew 75), McQuillan, McClure, Og Boyle, Graham, Hudson, Forrest, Taggart (Rafferty 65), J Paul (McAuley 70). Subs not used: Doey, Hegan.


Jason Paul
Marcin Farniok
Steven McQuillan
Craig McAllister
Conor Taggart
Aaron Harris
Stuart Forrest
Nicky Hudson
Peter McClure
Hugh Og Boyle
Jack Graham


Oran McAuleySub
Stephen Doey
Tiarnan RaffertySub
Benji AgnewSub