Moyola Park vs Dundela FC

March 20, 2018
Score: 1 - 1

Match Report

A cold night welcomed Moyola as they sought to avenge their recent loss to Dundela in the cup quarter final by defeating them in this league meeting. Moyola would show this early intent when a foul on Daniel McIlhatton provided them with an early opportunity with a free kick. McIlhatton again was able to meet the ball played into the box with a header across the goal, however Moyola would fail to capitalise on this, something they would regret with the limited chances this tight match would bring.

It wouldn’t be until the 9th minute that another opportunity would arise, as a half volley struck well by Dundela resulted in an excellent save from Farniok. The quality dribbling from Dundela that had created that opportunity would continue to threaten the Moyola defence who had to show great resilience. From here on the match would become much scrappier. Both teams would trade back to back free kicks which caused end to end play that wouldn’t allow either team to settle on the ball. However, in the 21st minute Dundela were able to make a breakthrough. A cut back to the edge of the box found Burns who was able to excellently curl the ball into the top corner, well out of Farniok’s reach. 0-1 to Dundela.

Clearly disheartened by conceding Moyola would find it difficult to make any clear chances this half. The clear frustration of the Moyola fans was somewhat relieved however, when the first yellow card of the game was given to Dundela in the 21st minute, something that seemed like it was coming ever since the Dundela opener. While Moyola struggled to make an equaliser Dundela were near to doubling their lead, but for good speed from Moyola’s Farniok to get out of his goal and make the clearance from the ever dangerous Burns.
Moyola would go in at the break knowing a better second half was needed if they were to rescue this match. Halftime 0-1 to Dundela.

Moyola started the second half much livelier than the first, clearly motivated to turn the game around. It didn’t take long to do this as in the 46th minute a Moyola cross resulted in an own goal from Dundela’s McCain to level the score for Moyola. This seemed to give Moyola confidence as they were clearly hungry for more than the draw. In the 48th minute Conor Taggart would show this with skilful dribbling and a nutmeg pass to Daniel McIlhatton who would win a free kick. Moyola would continue to play much nicer, more confident football, looking like one bit of luck could see them leave Mill Meadow winners. However, as the match wore on the scrappy play of the first half would return, with Nicky Hudson finding himself the first Moyola player to be booked in the 57th minute.

The remainder of the second half would see a bombardment of end to end long balls from both sides, creating few chances. Dundela would make some attempt to play out from the back but hard work from Moyola to press their opposition would make this rather difficult. This lack of opportunity led to a brave attempted half volley from one of Dundela’s centre backs being fired well over the Moyola goal, resulting in a few laughs from the crowd. Dundela would manage to frighten the Moyola fans in the 76th minute when a volley at the back post would result in another excellent save from Farniok.

Both teams would begin end to end play as they sought a winner in this tight match. The constant fouls to break up each other’s counter attacks would lead to Dundela’s Morrison seeing his second yellow card in the 87th minute. Moyola would try to take advantage of this immediately with Jason Paul having a close range shot saved. With Dundela down to 10 men Moyola would look keen to take all three points, however with very little time left they wouldn’t be able to find a winner. The match finished 1-1, a well-earned draw for Moyola.

Moyola Park: Farniok, McAllister, Harris, McQuillan, McClure, Og Boyle, J Paul, McIlhatton, Taggart (McAuley 75), Hudson, Forrest. Subs not used: Agnew, Greer, Hegan.

Dundela: Sergeant, King, Calvert, McCain, Morrison, Murdock, Devine, Beggs, Hughes, McComb, Burns. Subs: Fisher, Irwin, Brown, Browne, Magee.

Report by Calum Neeson


Jason Paul
Marcin Farniok
Steven McQuillan
Craig McAllister
Own GoalGoal
Conor Taggart
Aaron Harris
Stuart Forrest
Nicky Hudson
Peter McClure
Hugh Og Boyle
Daniel McIlhatton


Oran McAuleySub
Stephen Greer
Benji Agnew