The Match Intermediate Cup Quarter Final
Moyola Park 0
Dundela 3 McClelland, Morrison, Hughes

A light shower greeted Moyola ahead of their home match against Dundela in the quarter final of the Premier Intermediate cup. Dundela would pressure Moyola straight away from the kick off, giving an early sign as to what was to come. The game would begin with both teams bringing an aggression and desire that would be seen throughout the match. This was seen on the early challenge by Adam Calvert on Daniel McIlhatton, which resulted in a free kick for a high foot.

Moyola were able to manage some chances early on with Conor Taggart having a shot deflected over the goal. Both teams would however miss early chances, especially Dundela who for periods were all over Moyola. Dundela would then be frustrated when a free kick in the 7th minute was given to them, despite Jordan Hughes being through on goal. Despite Dundela’s early dominance Moyola would look to break at any chance, resulting in a Daniel McIlhatton shot being deflected wide. The hard work countering Dundela from Moyola would clearly frustrate them, with a high foot from Oran McAuley being the only thing to prevent Moyola scoring a Tomas McCann pull back in the 9th minute.

Dundela’s dominance on the ball would continue to threaten Moyola, with a driven shot from Jordan Hughes in the 16th minute only going narrowly over the Moyola goal. Moyola were able to find chances, such as the Tomas McCann free kick in the 18th minute that went just wide of the right post. From this point on however Dundela appeared to find their rhythm, nearly opening the scoring after a Mark McClelland header went inches wide of the Moyola goal. It wouldn’t be long until the Dundela pressure would provide McClelland with another chance however as in the 31st minute a Jordan Hughes cross allowed him to head into the back of the net to open the scoring, 1-0 to Dundela. Dundela then very nearly doubled their lead in the 32nd minute with Jordan Hughes shooting just wide. It was clear Moyola needed half time soon, in order to rally and make any attempt to save the game.

Moyola appeared very ready for half time in the last few minutes of the half as Dundela continued to make opportunities. An injury to Jordan Morrison in the 38th minute would give Moyola the breather they clearly needed, however the onslaught continued afterwards. In the 43rd minute Jack Graham would find himself the first person of the game booked, receiving a yellow card for dissent after stopping and pulling his socks up when the referee was trying to speak to him about fouls he had committed. This would be the last notable event of the half as both teams went in at 1-0 to Dundela.

The second half would begin with much heavier rain than the lighter showers of the first half. Moyola made their first substitution, bringing Nicky Hudson on for Conor Taggart in hope they could turn the game around. The first action of the second half came in the 50th minute when Karl Devine received Dundela’s first yellow card. This was soon followed by Moyola’s second yellow in the 53rd minute as Oran McAuley illegally stopped the Dundela break away. The resulting free kick was a vicious strike from Owain Beggs which was deflected well over by the Moyola defence.

It wouldn’t take much longer however for Dundela to double their lead as a corner in the 59th minute was scraped in by Jordan Morrison. This would clearly deflate Moyola, leading to Dundela nearly getting another straight away, but for a strong catch from Martin Farniok. This led to another highlight in the game as Tomas McCann gave away one of the funnier fouls of the day, nearly jumping entirely over his man when competing for a header.

Dundela maintained a high level of pressure on the now truly faltering Moyola. They were soon able to add a 3rd goal from their pressure in the 73rd minute when Jordan Hughes slotted his shot in the Moyola goal after a quick break. Moyola would then use their last two subs at once, bringing Stephen Doey and Stuart Forrest on for Craig McAllister and Tomas McCann. However this seemed as though it would have little effect as Moyola began to look very defeated despite their best efforts in the match.

Little would happen in the rest of the match as Dundela remained firmly in control. Mark McClelland received Dundela’s second yellow after jumping into a 50/50 tackle against Daniel McIlhatton. Matthew king was then also given a yellow card after a foul on Nicky Hudson. Dundela would then make their first change, bringing Owain Beggs off for Stephen McCain. In the 82nd minute Moyola keeper Martin Farniok would make another great save down to his right to prevent a fourth Dundela goal. Moyola would make little chances as the game slowed towards the end, however the aggression did not decrease with both teams having player get a stern telling off from the referee up until the final whistle. Moyola would look very keen for the match to end, seeking to get in and begin regrouping for their next match. After a longer period of injury time than either team clearly wanted, the match finished 3-0 a humbling defeat for Moyola.

Moyola Park: Farniok, McAllister, Harris, McQuillan, McClure, Graham, Taggart, McIlhatton, McCann, McAuley, Paul. Subs: Hudson, Doey, Forrest, Agnew, Greer.

Dundela: Sergeant, King, Calvert, Irwin, Morrison, Murdock, Devine, Beggs, Hughes, McClelland, Burns. Subs: Brown, Fisher, McCain, Gourley, Browne.

Report from Calum Neeson