Background of the club

Moyola Park FC was formed during season 1879–80 under the patronage of Lord Spencer Chichester, the landlord of the Moyola Park estate. The first recorded game was a friendly at home against Cliftonville, on 14 February 1880, in which the visitors recorded a 3-0 victory. Lord Spencer Chichester was the inaugural president of the Irish Football Association, which was formed in November 1880. On 9 April 1881, Moyola Park became the first winners of the Irish Cup, defeating Cliftonville 1–0 in the final.
Moyola Park involves volunteers in a variety of ways because it believes that their input and experience can greatly enhance and develop the life of the club. Moyola Park FC have a commitment to ensure that the recruitment, selection of volunteers will be carried out in a fair and open manner and adhere to equality of opportunity at all times. Moyola Park FC are committed to ensuring that volunteers are supported, supervised and recognised so that their input and experience is positive.


Moyola Park FC  values the involvement of volunteers in our work because they help reflect the interests, needs and resources of the community we aim to serve, and bring a unique perspective on all our work. Moyola Park FC benefits from the skills, experience and enthusiasm of volunteers and we believe that volunteers should also gain personal benefits from the experience too. Moyola Park FC strives to create a diverse and inclusive organisation within a diverse and inclusive community. Therefore, we are committed to ensuring equality of access to high quality volunteer opportunities and equality of treatment for our volunteers in all our policies and practices.

Preparation & Planning

All volunteers are provided with a written role description, outlining the purpose, tasks and main expectations of their role. We will endeavour to provide adequate and appropriate facilities, equipment and resources that are essential to you fulfilling your role. The Chairperson will be responsible for the management, supervision and training of volunteers. Moyola Park FC will reimburse out of pocket expenses when claims are submitted on a standard expenditure form and accompanied by receipts”

Recruitment and selection

Moyola Park FC are based in Castledawson however the recruitment of potential volunteers will not be restricted to the Castledawson area. Moyola Park FC  is committed to diversity in all areas of its work and will seek to recruit volunteers that reflect the diversity of the local community.
Moyola Park FC recruit volunteers:
• By word of mouth through existing Moyola Park FC volunteers
• By use of the Moyola Park FC website and Facebook page

Management of volunteers

Induction at an appropriate level for each of the volunteer roles will be given.
Training as appropriate for specific roles will be provided. Volunteers will also be made aware of external training opportunities which may be open to them.  Information received by Moyola Park FC, which may be of interest to volunteers, will also be made available to them.
Support and supervision as appropriate to the role will be given. A named person will be identified prior to recruitment for the role. Supervision may be by telephone, email or on a face to face basis.
Support focuses on the practical needs and emotional support of the volunteers and also focuses on issues of accountability.

In order to effectively monitor the work that volunteers do and how they are managed, a personal file is maintained for all volunteers, which includes: contact details and other relevant personal information.


Moyola Park FC are fully appreciative of the roles undertaken by our volunteers and the time and effort they freely give to our organisation. Without volunteers we could not operate and as such we seek to recognise this hard work on an annual basis.